Are you one of the many parents I've talked to this week struggling to find the time or engaging activities for "Come Follow Me"? I've heard from over 50 parents dealing with challenges – from being single moms or dads, having inactive spouses, to feeling burnt out trying to do it all alone. Some parents are grappling with how to involve both teenagers and little ones. And let's talk about consistency – well that looks like- dinner sometimes…“fend for yourself tonight!” 

Ever heard, "my 12-year-old suddenly gets angry when we bring up the scriptures" or "my 7-year-old with ADHD can't sit still for a lesson"? Perhaps your child has a disability, or your teen just rolls their eyes at the mention of scriptures. How many times have you wondered, "Are they even getting anything out of it?"

If any of this sounds familiar, we're here to help – and our

Book of Mormon Hero Bedsheets might be the answer you're looking for!

  • Use the bedsheets as your scripture study. Even on exhausting days, pull down the covers, let your child point to the hero they want to discuss, and share how, for example, Nephi displayed courage. If your kid is dealing with bullying, have a chat about it and explore how the heroes on their sheets faced tough times.

  • Looking to connect more with your child? Dive into conversations using the scriptures and stories of Book of Mormon Heroes together. We make it easy and convenient to have that special time together.

  • Worried that your kids only want to talk about Spiderman and don't know about Enos? Teach them about REAL heroes from the Book of Mormon on their bedsheets, and inspire them to be faithful.

Your bedsheets come with seven captivating stories, and you can align them with this year's "Come Follow Me" study of the Book of Mormon. Follow us on FB and IG, and sign up for our newsletter for more scripture studies.

Our mission is to bring families to Christ with these incredible stories of Book of Mormon Heroes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity! Grab your Book of Mormon Hero bedsheets now. It's a small investment today for years of falling in love with the scriptures and making them central to our lives.

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For only a dollar a day, we provide you with 7 scriptures, family discussions, and thought-provoking questions that will move you and your family to action to follow Christ.  Whether you're preparing for Easter Sunday or simply seeking daily spiritual upliftment, this downloadable guide is your go-to companion. Some fun ways to use them: Add them to your plastic easter eggs, pair them with our Book of Mormon Hero bed sheets for an immersive experience, or use them solo—it's your key to embracing the love and sacrifice of our Savior this Easter season. Happy Christ- Centered Easter!

Learn the WHY behind My Children's Heroes!

  • Courtney W. Mom of 5

    'You got me tearing up too! You are going to make such a positive influence that so many of us need! I'm seriously so proud of you! This is exactly what this world needs! More God!"

  • Dr. Monday Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

    "I was visiting friends and the hostess put me in a room with a single bed.  The "My Children's Hero" sheets were on that bed. I was amazed at their quality and how soft and comfortable they were to sleep on.   When I looked at the intricate detail, artistry, and vibrant colors of all of the Book of Mormon heroes, I was intrigued with how brilliant this idea was!  Any child getting into bed will be instantly curious about the heroes and their stories.  The best thing of all is for parents to be able to access the QR code that is included with the sheets, and immediately have outstanding bedtime stories to read and discuss with their children.  What an incredible way to share the gospel and teach kids the values and principles that are so sorely needed in this world today!  Buy these sheets, and gift them to your family and friends!"

  • Melody P. Grandmother

    "I love what stephanie has done to create a natural way to bring real hero’s of the scriptures to life. Having raised a family of 12 and the many nights of bedtime stories, I would have loved these sheets to inspire stories that physically surround the children with love and thoughts of courage and faith. Now I can't wait for my grandchildren to have them!"

  • Aly P. Mom of 4

    "I have seen a sneak peak of the My Children's Heros sheets and I am so excited! They are going to be perfect for my kiddos! I just love how something so simple can have such a huge impact on my family! You need to get some for your kids too!"

Angelique MacArthur Youth Mentor/coach